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Rooms is a roommate finder App and web platform that makes it easy to find a roommate. Rooms help people find the best compatible, like-minded roommate to share a home with. It's a trusted community marketplace that enables you to rent your spare room or locate your ideal roommate easily and cheaply.

Rooms connect people in over 192 countries as living with roommates is a universal way of life. And we give roommates across the world the safe, simple, and effective service we’re renowned for. We are globally focused as millions of people around the world share their homes. We are out to reshape the way sublets, spare rooms, and other residential accommodations can be shared, rented, and enjoyed globally.

We make finding a like-minded roommate simple with our unique matching algorithm. Rooms cultivate a sharing economy by allowing homeowners, landlords, and tenants to rent out their spare rooms or make occupancy arrangements like co-tenancy or sub-tenancy for mid-term to long-term stays.

Sharing can be a life-changing experience and finding the right roommates can lead to one of the best years of your life, and that's what we're all about - helping people all over the world locate their suitable roommates. Rooms offer a 100% free listing of roommates, spare rooms, flatshares, rooms for rent, and other types of rental accommodation. This applies to short-term stays as well as long-term or mid-term stays.

Let us match you with the best room or roommate of your choice. No matter if you are a student, young professional, expat, commuter, or postgraduate student looking for suitable accommodation, all you need to do is Signup Now!